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Our Innovative Container Installation

The container is equipped with a bathroom and a kitchenette After full expansion, the floors of the expanded rooms are positioned 130 mm higher than the floor of the central module. To align the floors, the container is equipped with an additional floor consisting of five panels finished with PVC carpet. These additional panels are later placed on the floor of the central module, thus resulting in a floor aligned with the floors of the expanded rooms.

During transport, when the container is tight, the five panels finished with PVC carpet are stored on the floor of one of the expanded rooms. Electrical installationis included(apparent): each container will have its ownelectrical installation and will connect to each other, as follows: The electrical cables will be directed and insulated according to the standards –230V –50Hz.The electrical installation will consist of the external connection dose, the internal fuse panel and the interior installation. Inside will be mounted –automatic fuse board –(10 A lighting, 20 A sockets), 6 double sockets IP20 –2.5 myyf, 7 led lamps 18 W –IP22 type, Class II standard EN60598-2-1:1989 –3x1.5 myyf, 4 switches.


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Whether developing next generation cell therapy or creating pathways for careers in tech, for over 20 years.


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Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, we offer workspace solutions tailored to your needs.

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The container is equipped

The container is equipped with a bathroom with a shower cabin and a kitchenette: - Bathroom with a shower cabin Ceramic WC + medium height reservoir + cover. Ceramic sink + mirror + shelf - 1 buc. Boiler – 1 buc. Shower cabin – 1 buc. Kitchenette

RAL Colours Variety

Our wide variety of parquet is the most used solution for arranging the floor. You can choose one of the many shades of wood in stock. The metallic structure of the containers can be painted with every RAL available on the market. The thermal izolated panels can be delivered with a wide variety of colors that are shown below

Solar Panel extra Choice

Optionally, we can deliver a metallic support that is installed on the roof for fixing some photovoltaic panels or an additional roof. Price for structure and installation of photovoltaic panels is extra